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Engineering in Ukraine

Authorized Representatives of National Technical University(NIT) in different countries ” The Company – Future Overseas Studies Education Pvt. Ltd.”

National Technical University “Kiev Polytechnic Institute –

It was established in year 1898. It is one of the oldest and well-known technical universities in Europe and of the world. It has trained about 260,000 professionals which includes 30,000 foreign students. It consists of 30 faculties and institutes, 8 scientific research centers, 12 research institutes, 14 research centers and 1 design bureau.

The institute has a status of self-governing (autonomous) research national university. National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” is inviting the students for study and to make their future bright in the scientific and technical field.1

NTUU “KPI” provides the high level training of Bachelors, Masters, Doctors of Philosophy and Doctors of Sciences (D.Sc.) according to the present-day conditions.

NTUU “KPI” provides education at a level of world famous universities combining with budget-friendly prices with the well experienced faculty members. In order to ensure high quality of basic humanitarian and vocational training at the university there are 29 main faculties of different departments.

Faculties at Kyiv Polytechnic Institute :

Faculty of Aircraft & Space Systems
Faculty of Chemical Technology
Faculty of Chemical Engineering
Faculty of Management & Marketing
Faculty of Electronics
Faculty of Electric Power Engineering & Automatics
Faculty of Heat Power Engineering
Faculty of Informatics & Computer Engineering
Faculty of Linguistics
Faculty of Applied Mathematics
Faculty of Instrument Making
Faculty of Physics Engineering
Faculty of Physics & Mathematics
Faculty of Radio Engineering
Faculty of Sociology & Law
Faculty of Biotechnology
Intercollegiate Medical Engineering Faculty

Programs Offered

Computer Sciences And Information Technologies. Electronics And Radio Engineering:

Educational and Scientific Complex “Institute for Applied System Analysis”
Institute of Telecommunication Systems (ITS)
Faculty of Applied Mathematics (FAM)
Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science (FICS)
Faculty of Electronics (FE)
Faculty of Radio Engineering (FRE)
Institute of Physics and Technology (IPHT)

Power Engineering :

Faculty of Heat and Power Engineering (FHPE)
Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automatics (FEPEA)
Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management (IESEM)

Machine And Device Engineering :

Institute of Mechanical Engineering (IME)
Faculty of Device Engineering (FDE)
Faculty of Aircraft and Space Systems (FASS)
Faculty of Welding (FW)Faculty of Physical Engineering (FPHE)

Chemical Technologies :

Faculty of Chemical Technology (FCHT)
Faculty of Chemical Engineering (FCHE)

Fundamental Sciences :

Faculty of Physics and Mathematics (FPhM)

Biomedical Engineering And Biotechnology :

Faculty of Biomedical Engineering (FBE)
Faculty of Biotechnology and Biotechnics (FBB)

Printing Industry, Economics, Social Sciences, Language Studies :Institute of Publishing and Printing (IPP):

Faculty of Management and Marketing (FMM)
Faculty of Sociology and Law (FSL)
Faculty of Linguistics (FL)

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