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Universities in Kyrgyzstan

About Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is known as the Kyrgyz Republic is a beautiful country located in Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan is known for its natural beauty and varied traditions. Kyrgyz Republic is a landlocked country, covered by mountains sharing its borders with Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west, Tajikistan to the southwest and China to the southeast. The capital of Kyrgyzstan is Bishkek which is the largest city of in the country. Bishkek covers a total area of 49 square miles with an estimated population of about 1,250,000. Kyrgyzstan was occupied by Russia in 1876 and in the year 1991, the country successfully achieved its independence from the Soviet Union.

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Today, Kyrgyzstan is counted among the top countries offering MBBS to international students at a very affordable price. The country consists of many top medical universities that offer MBBS, MD and other medical degrees. Thousands of students from many countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China etc apply in the medical universities of Kyrgyzstan to pursue their medical degree in abroad. The quality of medical education provided in the universities of Kyrgyzstan is comparable to the European standards. The medical universities of Kyrgyzstan are recognized by the world’s major organizations including WHO, MCI, UNESCO and the Medical Councils of many other countries.

Some of the reputed medical universities in Kyrgyzstan are listed below:

Osh State Medical University

International School of Medicine Kyrgyzstan

Jalalabad State Medical University

The duration of the complete MBBS course in Kyrgyzstan is 6 years. The first five years of MBBS are focused on teaching the basics of medical sciences and clinical studies while the last year is completely focussed on hands on training in the affiliated hospitals. The medical students who graduate from the medical university of Kyrgyzstan are eligible to appear in the major medical examinations like the USMLE, PLAB and also the screening examination conducted by the National Board of Examinations, India, under the directive of Medical Council of India. The medical graduates from a Medical University in Kyrgyzstan can apply for a job in any part of the world.

Why MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan not only offers affordable medical education, but also a very healthy environment to the students coming from foreign countries. The medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan are equipped with all the basic amenities that re necessary for a healthy living for the students. The university campuses are well equipped with modern infrastructure and modern technology. The quality of education provided in the medical universities of Kyrgyzstan is comparable to other developed countries like USA, UK and European countries.

Benefits of studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan offers a wide range of advantages to the students who want to pursue MBBS from a medical university here. Some of the benefits of studying MBBS from Kyrgyzstan are listed below:

The medical universities of Kyrgyzstan are listed in the directories of the world’s major organizations like WHO, UNESCO and MCI.

The medium of instruction in the medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan is English.

Students are encouraged to participate in various sports and extracurricular activities.

Students are not required to clear any entrance examination for admission.

The cost of tuition and accommodation is very low as compared to other countries.

Students studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan are offered many opportunities to take part in international conferences and seminars.

The process of admission in Kyrgyzstan medical universities is very simple.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Getting admission in MBBS or any other medical course in a medical university in Kyrgyzstan is very simple. The student must fulfil the following criteria:

The student must be above the age of 17 years on or before 31st December, of the year of admission to the MBBS course.

The applicant must have passed the higher secondary examination or the Indian School Certificate Examination which is equivalent to 10 + 2, Higher Secondary Examination after a period of 12 years study, the last two year of study comprising of physics, chemistry, and biology.

The student should have scored a minimum of 50% marks in the 12th standard examination.

                         Top Universities in Kyrgystan

Osh State Medical University – www.oshmed.com

Osh State Medical University has been training foreign students since 1993. During the years of its existence Medical faculty, Osh State University has trained foreign students from more than twenty countries. At present more than 3500 students are studying at Medical faculty,  Osh state  university including more than thousand students from other countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Palestine, Syria, Turkey, Bangladesh, United States, United Kingdom, Maldives and other countries. Medium of instruction has been English for foreign students and Russian for  local students. Foreign Students have a choice to study in English medium or Russian medium.

On the completion of course, degree of M.D (Doctor of Medicine) is awarded, valid and recognized all over the world.

Medical faculty, Osh State University is listed with WHO (World Health Organisation) World database of medical schools,


Medical faculty, Osh State University is listed with Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, USA (ECFMG) FAIMER International Medical Education Directory IMED.
This gives right, Students and  graduates to take USMLE and continue Postgraduate education or work in America.

Medical faculty, Osh State University is Accredited and recognized by Ministry of Education  and Science and Ministry of Public health of the Kyrgyz Republic, Degrees issued  by Osh State University are accepted by Medical  council  of India, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council,  Education commission for foreign medical graduates of United States, General Medical Council of United Kingdom,  Medical councils of European union countries, Medical Councils of Syria, Nepal, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bangladesh and Medical Councils of CIS countries.

Graduates of Medical faculty, Osh State University are registered with medical councils in these countries and  are working on important positions in their fields.

Medical faculty, Osh State University has hired foreign teachers alongwith local faculty members to teach foreign students in English medium more conveniently. Teachers are highly qualified and  very experienced. Most of them are either Doctor of Medical Sciences or Candidate of Medical Sciences (PhD).

Many outstanding scientists worked at Medical faculty, Osh state university and contributed much to the rapid development of the Medical faculty as a powerful scientific medical and educational center in the southwestern Kyrgyzstan.

At present the physicians with Osh State University degrees are working in different countries of Asia, Africa, Europe and America. It shows wide recognition of the Medical faculty, Osh State University all over the world. High qualification of its graduates are connected with the brilliant constellation of scientists who worked at the Medical faculty, Osh State University.

All clinical hospitals are equipped with modern facilities to train students at a higher scientific and professional level. In particular, all types of diagnostics, Thermovision, Angiography, Endoscopic technique, PET, ECG, EEG, CT-Scan, MRI, highly effective means of treatment by hyperbaric oxygenation, laser therapy, LASIK, medical ventilators, anesthetic machines, heart-lung machines, ECMO, dialysis machines. modern efferent methods of de-toxication and many others are widely used here.

Medical faculty,Osh state university has its own library with 61378 medical books and international scientific Journals. Medical faculty OshSU is known for maintaining the very high standards of academic honesty and institutional integrity. Medical faculty,Osh state university’s students come from more than 20 different countries around the world.  Campus offers a stimulating, multicultural atmosphere and an opportunity to meet and learn from students from diverse cultures and countries. In short, we believe that the Osh State University offers an exciting environment to students in this region.

Number of teachers: 542
Doctor of Medical Sciences PhD: 37
Candidate of medical sciences: 84
Postgraduate and specialist teachers : 421
library with 61,378 medical books and international scientific magazines.
Chairs: 19

Jalalabad Medical University – www.jasu.edu.kg

Medical universities in Kyrgyzstan are recognized as centers of excellence which are the ideal destinations for potential doctors. Well-advanced teaching patterns are adopted by the faculty members in these universities to hone the talent of the students. One among the prominent medical universities in the country is Jalalabad Medical university. It is one of the dynamic and leading medical institutions in Central Asia which is staffed by 250 teachers. Both graduate and post graduate education is offered by the university. Both Russian and English are used as a medium of instruction. For students from India, classes are conducted in English medium.

About the university

This medical university was founded in year 1993. Since its inception, the academy has offered training to students across the globe. Presently the university enjoys student strength of 4,300 students. The degrees awarded by the university are accredited and recognized by WHO and MCI. This gives students the opportunity to continue higher studies abroad. This makes the university, a coveted destination among students across the globe. The experienced and dedicated staff ensures that the students are geared for challenge which they may have to encounter in their profession. The faculty aims at developing responsible doctors who will contribute to the healthcare sector.

Eligibility requirement

You can enroll in the MBBS course which is taught in English medium to foreign students. The duration of the course is 5.8 years, and the fees is affordable. By paying low fees, you can access quality education. This university is one of the leaders in medical education in the country. According to the regulations, you must have attained 17 years of age before enrolling in the MBBS program. You must have a valid passport. It is important to furnish a copy of the higher secondary mark sheet and certificate. In addition to these documents, you will have to submit the school leaving certificate and passport size photographs.

Degrees are recognized

The degrees offered by the university are recognized around the globe. On completion of the bachelor’s program, you can enroll in the postgraduate program. After completion of the course, you will be eligible for the screening test which is conducted by Medical Council of India. You will be able to work in several countries which includes Pakistan, Europe, Japan, India and America. After the medical program, you will be eligible to sit for the USMLE licensing examination. The tuition fee at the university is affordable and is less in comparison to that in the neighboring countries.

Amenities provided to students

Indian students can stay in hostels which have been provided. The stay at the hostel is comfortable and easy on the wallet. It offers the perfect environment for studying. Moreover, the college has a library which gives students access to several medical journals and books. It has a large collection of international scientific magazines. For your visa requirements, you can contact the embassy. To study at the university, you will need to furnish a valid visa. The faculty encourages the students to take part in research oriented studies. The tuition fee and the living expenses are not too high which make Jalalabad Medical University, a popular destination among Indian students.

Fee Structure

Students have to pay their fees, semester wise. It ranges from $800 to $1000 per semester. Only in the initial year i.e at the commencement of the course, students have to pay their tuition fee, hostel fee, administration fee, application fee and charges for pick up from the airport on arrival to the country. Food and hostel charges amount to $1000 per year.

Admission Process

Indian Students after completing their senior secondary examination are eligible to apply for the medical course in this country. A host of documents are required for seeking admission to these universities. Your secondary examination certificate and marksheet, official transcript from the high school, copy of birth certificate, copy of passport, recent passport size photographs, recent medical certificate proving that you are physically fit, a character certificate by police and a copy of your national identity card needs to be submitted.


Universities provide accommodation to their students. Hostels are equipped with internet service and other allied facilities. Each room has its individual heating system. The rooms are furnished. Generally, three students are allotted a room. These rooms are fully furnished and have attached bathroom with them. The hostels are guarded 24/7 by trained security personnel. There are separate hostels for girls and boys.


Owing to the country’s mountainous terrain, often the roads are risky and steep. For this reason, horses are used to reach the different locations. Transportation cost is not expensive. Few rail links are there to connect Kyrgyzstan with the neighboring countries. Food

In traditional Kyrgyz cuisine, beef, mutton, horse meat and dairy products are integral. Since the country is home to many ethnic communities, the cuisine also reflects those. The preparation procedures and ingredients are influenced by the nomadic lifestyle of the people of the country. Over the years, they have adapted to different cooking styles that help them in preserving food for a long period of time. Indian students can avail eggs, fish, and different vegetables in the canteens of the universities.


The climate of the country is continental in nature as it consists of hot summers and cold winters. There are some variations in the temperature depending on the altitude of the place. You can witness frost in all the provinces of the country. Temperature in the coldest areas of the country reaches much below zero degree in the winters. Even few of the deserts also experience snowfall during this time.

International School of Medicine – www.ism.edu.kg

International School of Medicine is a part of the International University of Kyrgyzstan and is located in Bishkek, the capital city of the country. The medical school was established by the government of the country to train the doctors according to the international standards. It is one of the best institutes in the country, and the medium of instruction of the course is in English. The Medical School has the scope of conducting research in cooperation with the leading medical institutes across the world. The university aims at training medical professionals to treat the population in the Eurasian countries.

Different courses offered

The institute is licensed by the Ministry of Education of the country. It offers a course on General Medicine that has the duration of six years. After completion of the course, students are awarded M.D. that is at par with the MBBS degree conferred by the Indian medical universities and colleges. There is also a postgraduate course in medical science of three years. Students have the scope of specialization in various fields as gynecology, surgery, international medicine, pediatrics and other areas of medical sciences. Students can also opt for research-based programs that require the submission of the dissertations. On completion of the Ph.D, students are awarded Candidate of Medical Sciences degree and after completion of doctoral sciences, students are awarded the Doctor of medical sciences.

Worldwide recognition of the course

This university follows the standards set by the World Federation of Medical Education to determine the curriculum of the course. The Medical school also has collaboration with many of the reputed medical schools across the world. They also abide by the Bologna Process that gives an edge to the international students and gives them the scope of practicing in the EU countries after completion of the course. The courses offered are recognized by the World Health Organization and are accredited by the medical council of different countries. Recent innovations in the field of medical sciences are incorporated in the curriculum of the course that keeps students updated with the recent advancements. These reasons attract the international students to the medical universities of this country.

Requirement for admission

International students have to complete their secondary education that is at par with the education system of the country. It is mandatory for students to have a minimum of fifty percent in the secondary education. Students need to submit the mark sheet and certificates of the secondary examination for the bachelor’s degree course and certificates of the Bachelor’s degree for the postgraduate course. A copy of the passport, appropriate visa, application letter, letter from the university and medical certificates also needs to be submitted to the university. Apart from this, students need to submit proof of finances and copies of their recent photographs.

Fee structure of courses

Students have to pay the tuition fee at the initiation of the academic year. International students have to pay approximately US$ 2,200 per annum both for the course in General Medicine and the postgraduate course. Apart from this, they need to pay for their accommodation which is US $ 550 per annum in the first year, and from the second year onwards, the charges is US$ 450 per annum.